Anonymous asked : Just found out the parappainheat tumblr was password protected. Not sure when this happened, but it is a sad day for all of us.

who the fuck

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what in the worl-

i hate this website

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“man im so glad im not a furry” - someone with a pokesona

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friend: what kind of music are you into?


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People have messaged me asking for help with designing fursonas, so I made a general guideline on what I do when I create fursonas and furry OCs

=> Link <=

feel free to use this for help or reference! 

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*sees an anthro character*
Furry: holy shit!! there’s a hard heartbeat in my dingelie ding dong

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I needed a break and drew your fursona.

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Anonymous asked : get a best friend who glomps you during conversations before you can say something embarrassing

more like get a restraining order good bye

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*walks out of hot topic wearing wolf ears* umm yes I’m emo AND furry deal with it

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