hey morons bet y'all can’t do this *animorphs myself into a fursona and screams as all my bones break and readjust themselves*

You’re right I definitely can’t do that

me, halfway into morphing so my mouth looks like that one horrifying gif of Kevin from The Office: pwussyboi

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A furry walks into a bar and gets kicked out because the sign says no animals allowed

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if millennials stopped buying furry commissions maybe they’d be able to afford avocado toast :/

If baby boomers stopped being assholes they’d be able to do something more productive then sit at a computer bitching at Millennials.

i can’t fucking tell what’s satire and what’s not on this god forsaken website anymore

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Local Furry stands menacingly to man on picnic 

The yiff yiff man

you won’t be laughing when he kills you

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*gives you xl dragon dildos* it’s a metaphor for go fuck yourself

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“describe your fursona in two adjectives”

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‪they say money cant buy happiness but money bought me furry commissions so…‬..

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extroverted person: hey dude check out this sick skateboard ollie haha lol anyways let’s go interact with society
introverted person: shut up I’m trying to astral project myself into my fursona

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Me: *makes a vore joke*
-my friends hire a hitman to swiftly deal with me, making sure I’m never to be found again-

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A real power move is to reblog furry porn on your main and leave it there for hours despite getting many messages saying you reblogged on the wrong blog but you know what you did

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